Johannesburg, 2 August 2019: First, there was Wolfpack and now there is Holy Energy– a second music serving from television star and rapper Tshego Koke – which launched today, 2 August 2019 and is available for download on all platforms.

Holy Energy is a four-minute track that sees the rapper from the south of Johannesburg open up about his life to his fans – speaking about his “journey of unemployment, depression and heartbreak” before awarded the role of the MTV Base VJ back in 2017.

Said Tshego Koke: “The second single has two sides to it, the first part is an intro and it talks about what I went through months before I became a VJ on MTV Base. From being unemployed, to depression and heartbreak. It also cements what I am doing with this music thing.

“The second break of the song is more of a transition into the fast paced life and culture we live in. I titled it Holy Energy because everything I exude is about remaining confident, genuine and charismatic. It is for the kids. Both those pieces in that song will hit different tempos with my followers and I hope it finds lands to new ears out there as well.”

Above the fashion, fitness and television life, Tshego Koke has made music his fuel since launching his debut single Wolfpack in March 2019 – a track he has since performed on stages such as Main Event in Bloemfontein, Youth Culture in Durban and Joburg events Winter Surge and Flexecution.  He is also currently featured on Dr Bones’ debut hit All the Way, a collaboration with ph Raw X and Gigi Lamayne.

Holy Energy is composed by Vicecity’s Ernest Prince, written by Tshego Koke and is available on many platforms including iTunesSpotifyAudiomack and Soundcloud.

For more information about Holy Energy, follow and chat to Tshego Koke on Twitter,Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #HolyEnergy.

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