Serving as the third lead release from of his upcoming debut self titled EP,  Neo Pitso releases a heartfelt tune “Crüe Lobe” dedicated to an ex.

Stream/download “Crue Lobe” here

The title concept is inspired by an imprint on a T-shirt owned by Neo Pitso‘s ex. The shirt read “True Love” but was stylized in such a way that it elusively read “Crue Lobe” instead. He found the title befitting as a tribute to this past relationship that seemingly portrayed promise and true love, however upon closer inspection it was anything but what it seemed. There are lessons that others can draw from the experience.The heartfelt lyrics and overall feel of the song make it hard to tell if Neo‘s still smitten with his former flame or if this song is a ‘final goodbye’ to his ex. It’s a story of emotions in tango as he narrates his feelings or concerns, disposition as well as inner and outward conflicts that arose; above all, the sacrifice he made in pursuit of his dream.

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