Johannesburg, South Africa – Wednesday, 17 November 2021 – Love Devotion revisits Lonyaka with the release of supporting visuals.  

Gqom duo, Love Devotion has steadily been stacking summer hits this year. Their last lead single was the lively, upbeat track, Inkomo. However, revisiting their first song released this year, Lonyaka, the duo consisting of Dulcie Mthembu and Kwenzi “Peekay” Madwe, have released the Lonyaka music video.

Lonyaka is the contemplative gqom track speaking on the expectation which many had at the beginning of this year and last year. Expectations which faded away with the announcement of the lockdown. In the Bernard Pro shot music video, the visuals tell the story of how the duo began the year excited with their endeavors. However, how quickly that ended with the announcement of the lockdown by cupcake.

The music video then features a dream sequence of Love Devotion’s ideal 2021, featuring an open road, fun and reconnecting with friends, Moreover, the music video ends with the return to reality. Even though gloomy initially, the music video does end by showing that there are always silver linings everywhere as the duo find the fun even in the mundane.

The Lonyaka music video is available to view on YouTube


About Lonyaka:


Lonyaka (meaning this year) is a fusion of kwaito, Afropop, gqom-inspired house music as well as some hip hop, with dance music at its core.

On the track, the Love Devotion pair reflects on the unpredictability of life and how things can go wrong, even with the best of intentions. The track is equal parts upbeat and melancholic, ending with an inspiring message, as Peekay shows off her skills, spitting an uplifting 16-bar rap at the bridge.

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