Johannesburg, South Africa – Wednesday, 17 November 2021 – Ma-E supports summer anthem contender, Ain’t No Tomorrow with abstract visuals. 

It’s been a year since Ma-E gave fans what they want and delivered new music. Ain’t No Tomorrow is the Ma-E led single which is part of the introductory album by Skhanda World’s Class of 2021, Welcome To The Planet. The album is the first body of work following the K.O-fronted stable and lifestyle company that recently joined Universal Music Africa.

Ain’t No Tomorrow, featuring fellow stablemate Just Bheki and Motswako originator Khuli Chana. The moody and playful single produced by Makwa served to assert not only The Township Counsellor’s unique voice, flow and lyricism. But it asserted the self-proclaimed Ghanda Ghanda is still one of the most underrated rappers in the industry to date.

In the new music video partnership with acclaimed director Kuda Jembe, he directs and creates an abstract and artistic music video for Ain’t No Tomorrow. Set in an abandoned house, the music video features Ma-E, Just Bheki, Khuli Chana and the lead vixen of the music in different rooms in the house. Intercut in between the shots of the main characters are sparse feature cameos of Skhanda World affiliates and other female vixen to emphasize the fleeting moments that one should embrace or risk losing forever. Moreover, the single marks the first collaboration between Ma-E and Khuli Chana.

The music video will available to view on YouTube.


About Ain’t No Tomorrow:


Ma-E has not served his fans with new music in over three years, and if Ain’t No Tomorrow is the reason why we cannot fault the musician. A Makwa produced beat, meaning the single will be inspired by the kwaito-hip hop era of hip hop. The beat only anchors the song within its moody, mid-tempo single with a bass that hits on the heart.

The Township Counsellor seems to assert himself and his signature rap style on the single, Similarly, with Khuli Chana. The rappers seem to have been throwing lines at each other to see who will raise the stakes and no one wins but the listener at the end. Just Bheki adds a layer of maskandi influence with his breathy voice on a track which encourages us all to pursue our dreams full hardy because “ain’t no tomorrow” guaranteed.

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