Johannesburg, South Africa – Wednesday, 17 November 2021 – Mr Music supports sophomore single, Wangigila Khanyi, with visuals.

Idols SA 16 alumni, Mr Music is currently the only Idols SA 16 alumni contestant with two songs under his name. First it was his debut single and introduction to the mainstream with the ballad Ngikethe Ngahle. The mid-tempo single tells the story of a blooming love which has Mr Music willing to take the next step in his relationship. However, the sophomore single tells a different story.

Wangigila Khanyi is the ballad which talks about when the love has all but faded. The ballad is Mr Music sharing his experience of meeting a woman who he believed was the one. In so doing, Mr Music spent his time and money not only ensuring that he girlfriend is well taken care of. From buying her clothes, new hair, cars, and taking care of her family. Basically, there was nothing he would not do for her.

So, imagine doing all of the above only to be left at a restaurant mid-meal, only to receive a text from the love of your life saying they are leaving and not coming back. In the Nicom Muza directed music video, the director opted to play out the story visually to drive the point across. The music video showcases the former TikTokker’s acting abilities.

The Wangigila Khanyi music video is now available on YouTube.

About Wangigila Khanyi:

Heartbreak could be lived with if it were not accompanied by regrets. The song, ‘Wangigila Khanyi’, is about a story of man that was in love and did everything he could to prove the love he had for his woman. The woman decided to leave from his life without even informing him after he has done a lot for her. A man is heartbroken and decided to share a story to his friend that he is regretting himself.

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