Hip-Hop 411🇿🇦presents the seasonal cypher series which is broken down into 4 parts, The Summer Cypher, The Autumn Cypher, The Winter Cypher, and The Spring Cypher. This series features 20/25 rapper/emcees from all over the country with different flows, swag, style, delivery, bars, wordplay, punchlines you name it.

With the Summer Cypher being the first of it’s kind in the Hip-Hop 411 portfolio it lived up to it’s expectations it featured Revivolution. These beast emcees, cannibals, and killer lions this Johannesburg based crew delivered an epic performance, they brought the hardest bars, the hardest flows, the sickest wordplay, freestyles, and delivery. They gave us a classic JHB type cypher that will not be forgotten by many. Shoutout to Thandile Mtshotshisa, Tony Dangler, Illy Amin, and Inferno Williams. #411SummerCypher #SummerCypher18#WitnessTheDopeness #WeAreTheCulture 


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