Johannesburg, 10 November 2020: The drama and suspense continue on ISONO, BET Africa’s original daily drama and this week, it’s all systems go as planning for a major heist is underway. Gabriel organises his gang, made up of former House of Grace orphans, while Mary persuades Abednego to take over Gabriel’s job. This leaves Gabriel unimpressed with Abednego, not only over the job but over personal things and Abednego couldn’t be bothered. Mary seduces Abednego more and the sexual chemistry continues to grow between them.

Following Millicent’s involuntary departure from Makwande and Esther’s apartment, the two lovebirds’ honeymoon phase is short lived and their world is turned on its head when a photo of Millicent and Makwande in a compromising situation goes viral on social media. Esther confronts Millicent, things get heated and Esther turns to her mother for support. Millicent doesn’t give up and tries to confess her undying love for Makwande but he’s not interested and she soon realises that she could take advantage of other perks.

Zakwe has to see through Esther’s task and advise Lesedi to change her look. The news is not received well by Lesedi at first, but when she tries to take up the challenge, Simon the bully, sabotages her plans.

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