Black Coffee said of being a special guest, “It was my first time at Formula 1 and what an amazing experience for me and my sons. My highlight was being in the McLaren garage and experiencing the pit stop, I even managed to record it on video, it was insane! We are so happy to have experienced this day with Formula
Charlotte De Witte is a big DJ in the electronic music world who sometimes is with him on line ups.

Charlotte de Witte having a go at using the Formula 1 car steering wheel in the Haas garage

Charlotte enjoying a tour of the Haas garage with Haas Formula 1 driver 
Romain Grosjean 

Black Coffee snaps a picture of the McLaren Formula 1 cars from the McLaren garage

Let me know if you’re able to run any of the photos or if you’d be interested in any additional content. Please credit Felix AAA as the photographer for all pictures, bar the pictures of Black Coffee and Charlotte de Witte where Daniel Forrest should be credited as the photographer.

There is also a video interview available to press via Reuters and SNT. In the clip Black Coffee is asked some questions about F1 possibly returning to South Africa. He also answers some questions about how he supports aspiring musicians, and about his sons ambitions to be an F1 driver.

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