Friday, 27 January 2023: Johannesburg: Indalifa Ka Jama, Sjava releases new album following the success of his platinum selling EP, Umsebenzi.

BET award winning singer and songwriter, Sjava has released his long awaited 18 track studio album titled Isibuko (a mirror).

“ The album title was inspired by a beautiful mirror I bought at my local GAME store. The mirror unfortunately fell and broke into pieces a couple of minutes after I purchased it. I took it back home with me whilst its packaging kept the broken pieces together, granting me the opportunity to self-introspect in front of a broken mirror every day. I remember spending countless hours looking at myself in that broken mirror trying to figure out how I could heal the broken parts in my life I had been holding on to” Sjava expressed himself last night at his album listening session held at the Circa Art Gallery in Rosebank, Johannesburg

The album title, Isbuko suggests, that this album exposes a ruminative side to the hitmaking artist as he takes the listener on a journey of bare and raw emotions.

The album boasts a number of recognizable features including long time ATM collaborators, Emtee, Saudi and their producer RUFF.

“When I met Emtee and Ruff, I wasn’t as invested in music as I am today, I used to drink and have fun for a living before I met these two gents, they changed my life and gave me the platform to sharpen my music sword. I am blessed to call them my brother’s and most importantly for being granted the opportunity to continuously break bread” continued Sjava as he took fans through his album track list

Making the cut on Isibuko and contributing to the backdrop of this crisp album are legendary maskandi artist, Shwi on Ithuna whilst label mates, Anzo and Mzukulu stain their verses with their new wave maskandi flow.

Singles on the album such as Amavaka, describe the effect of self-doubt and how fear leads to self-sabotage, the single is a reminder to always count our blessings over our worries. Thixo is a haunting prayer, a plea to God to remain within sight and grace. Family relationships and hardships are vividly described and exquisitely delivered in Akabuye and Kube ngangazi

Emotive evoking love songs, a sub-genre, Sjava is recognized for are well represented on the album by songs such as Amanxeba, a song that tells a long tale of the never-ending time it takes to heal from the grief of a failed relationship; and Grounding describes a man’s longing to finally find true love, settle down and start a family.

Giving hope to heartless romantics, Sjava paints beautiful stories of enduring love on songs such as Dudlu and Iphisi.

The album rounds off well with strong upbeat tracks such as My Life and Isoka featuring Qwabe Twins and songs that take fans to the University of Sjava, Ungavumi and Ubuhlebendalo which are aimed at teaching and enriching fans across the world.

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