Wednesday, 1 February 2023, Johannesburg: Today hitmaker, Toss releases brand new single and premiers on Apple Music’s Dotty Show.

Following the success of his breakout single, Mlando. SAMA winner Toss releases his first single of the year alongside, Young Stunna and super producer Tyler ICU, titled Tetema.

“Tetema” is a Zulu word used to describe a person who is weak or when they show signs of weakness in their character. The single was first introduced by the hitmaker on TikTok as a dance challenge and currently sitting on over 1.9 million views.

Tetema is a fast pace, Amapiano single is themed around a group of guys, who have made it up the food chain, who utilize their new found status in the hood to tell others that they need to stand up and fight.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, this is what Toss had to say “Most gents from what I see, are still sleeping on themselves and their potential: instead of looking down on them, I decided to make a song that would empower my peers. The word “Tetema” was used or is used a lot in my culture when adults see a child struggle to execute something and instead of allowing the child to fail they say, uyatetema zama futhi”

To emphasize his message to the masses, Toss enlisted his brother in music Young Stunna with TYLER ICU on production to bring alive, a new anthem for the township. Tetema completes Toss’s holy trinity of dance challenge hits which include, Mlando and Ncebeleka.

“ I am blessed to be around to be with people who are as talented as Young Stunna and TYLER ICU, so when they both agreed to be on this song, I was like good shot”

Toss further explained.

Tetema premiered today on Apple Music’s Dotty Show at 16:00 CAT and is now available on all digital music stores

Press HERE to listen to Tetema

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