OUT NOW: Senzo Afrika release debut single from him album


Click here to listenhttps://majorleaguespaces.lnk.to/ValleyOfA1000Hills

From the beautiful hill of Kwazulu Natal, Senzo Afrika gives us an outstanding Afro Soul single, fusing afrobeats-style percussion with traditional Zulu lyricism and cadences makes for a singular, unique sound that has both local and international appeal.

The single Khumbul’ekhaya is the first from his upcoming album titled Valley Of 1000 Hills. The song uses a sparse beat, courtesy of the genre-defying Major League DJz to address the issue of migrant labor in the modern context -young men moving to the city, in this case eGoli (Johhanesburg) to further or pursue their careers. “The problem with our young people is that we leave our homes for a brighter future and end up being swallowed in the fast paces world of big cities, lights, women and fast cars” said Senzo

The single brings to light all these dynamics in a beautiful melodic single. This single is one of many hits from this album. Do ensure to pre order the album!

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