Wednesday, 22 May 2019  Last night, Africa’s leading financial services company, Old Mutual, launched its exciting new sponsorship: the AMPD Studios, a music and culture hub for the young and tech-smart audience. Situated in Johannesburg’s vibey Newtown, the AMPD Studios have been created to amplify Africa’s megamusical talent and help inspire and financially empower a newgeneration.


The venue is much more than a state-of-the-art music recording studio. It also includes a Metro FM satellite broadcasting station, a coffee shop, a VIP lounge, hi-tech presentation rooms, and various co-workspaces. “We envisage a dynamic venue that will serve as a platform and springboard for music stars as well as a laboratory for learning, growing and building financial prosperity,” explains Thobile Tshabalala, Old Mutual Head of Brand.


The hub will play host to a range of projects such asthe AMPD Icons and AMPD Masterclasses  where industry experts such as Khuli Chana, Letta Mbulu, Thandiswa Mazwai and Brian O Shea will get involved in shaping the careers of future musicians.AMPD Icons is a conversation platform that will have artists sharing powerful insights and honest conversations about their experiences in the entertainment industry. The series will be broadcast live once a month on Afternoon Express, Metro FM and Old Mutual’s digital platforms.


AMPD Masterclasses will see experts unearth their skills to inspire and motivate the up-and-coming musicians and teach them about what is takes to make it in the music industry.


Tshabalala says the concept and sponsorship of the AMPD Studios grew out of Old Mutual’s revised sponsorship strategy and strengthened focus on the youth and tech-smart market.  “Our aim is to motivate, mentor and coach people to realise their potential and become their exceptional best. Music is a key force in many people’s lives, but especially the young. They are either actively involved in the industry, aspire to be involved, look up to their music idols or simply into consuming music,” says Tshabalala. 


She continues to add that through the AMPD Studios we can help launch careers, while also sharing general life lessons and providing financial coaching to a wider audience. We’re excited about the talent that the AMPD Studios will boost. We’re looking forward to increasing our relevance and strengthening our connections with this market by synthesizing the creative world of music with the economically empowering world of financial planning, coaching and advice leading to financial prosperity, says Tshabalala.


The culture hub will be officially opened on 1 June2019, with a state-of-the-art recording studio which will be ready for use 25 June 2019.


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