This is brand new body of musical works from HHS Media and Records, HHS is a South Africa based Nigerian musicial artist and his sound speaks of motivational terms, it gives hope to the less privileges and help in enlighten the youth that everyone could be a superstar
Be the best at what they do and believe in, but first they need to take a step and begin with you believing in yourself.

Innocent Victor aka HHS known as the  (The Ghetto President) was raised by two military parents of the Nigeria Army, born December 19 in the year 1989.Originally from the Nembe-Bassambiri, Bayelsa State of Nigeria, but born and raised in Lagos-Nigeria. HHS is a song writer, artist, and is a entrepreneur with a business mindset in general.

Music has always been something I’ve wanted to do all my life it has always been part of me.
Ghetto to Ibiza was inspired by myself, during the pandemic I was locked up with my studio at a beauitful Villa with my producer our amazing team came  from every part of the country South Africa. Put in word and got to work with great artists and producers the rest was history.

“I am super excited for this amazing project and I want the world to listen because this is reality and we only getting started “-HHS says.
The energetic musician and businessman dedicates this EP  body of work to the almighty God, he started this musical journey 7 years ago with hope, believe and lots of hard work as they say
hard work, success and winning is a skill, as he present to you! The ”Ghetto to Ibiza” EP.

Available on all Digital stores; Stream, Share and Enjoy.


Instagram: @hhs1912
Facebook: Hhsmedia


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