Despite the other genres’ mainstream takeover, SA hip-hop continues to be a breeding ground for new talent.

On rise artist, in collaboration with Cally Leio, release an unapologetic go-getter hip-hop melodic trap anthem titled “VELE“. “VELE is a South African slang or “Tsotsi Taal” word derived from the Zulu term which loosely translates to “Hell yeah!“” – Cally Leio. 

The song relates to the work one has to put in and the costs one has to incur in order to succeed and live free. It also signifies that our backgrounds prepared us for a life of success rising above circumstances. ” added Swish 8-8.

Stream/download “VELE” here

Swish 8-8 is a multi-genre songwriter, producer and engineer from the Free State. From an early age of 14-years-old, he found solace and joy in music. With a background influenced by a vast palate of music genres such as country, sotho, bacardi, jazz, kwaito, rap and R&B music; he came to understand the creative power of fusing sounds. Incorporation of his versatile style, Swish 8-8 also advocates and proactively practices collaborating with other artists to create brilliant music for the people. “This aids to portray and embrace versatility and uniqueness that each artist adds while advancing respect for each others craft and unity amongst co-artists.” – Swish 8-8

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