After 7 years in the entertainment industry and mesmerizing audiences with her unique style & endless swag, Moozlie is finally taking a bold step into the world of fashion. The rapper & television super star, who recently celebrated her 27th birthday, partners up with Silva Lux for a first of its kind collaboration that is sure to make a splash this summer.

The S&M Edition by Silva Lux was handpicked by Moozlie herself, and she spent the larger part of 2019 perfecting it. The collection consists of over 10 styles that range from slinky sandals to sexy boots. All of the shoes are unique and they embody the vibrancy & personality of their muse.

Having run the Silva Lux Footwear brand for 1 year, founder & owner, Bianca da Silva wanted to break boundaries and follow the unconventional route with this bold and daring partnership. “When I first met Moozlie I was drawn to her warm and bubbly personality and the sophistication & style in which we carried herself,” she said. “She just exudes confidence! I thought she is definitely someone who embodies all things powerful and feminine and someone I would love to collaborate with. I just knew the world needed a taste of her style and fashion direction


It’s no secret that Moozlie has been looking for the perfect opportunity to put her name on a fashion brand and she’s extremely excited to share this with everyone. When asked about why she specifically wanted to do shoes, the fashion icon said, “For me, it’s literally about taking that next big step in building my business & my legacy, something I’ve been preaching from the very beginning. With this, I can literally have all the fly queens who follow me walk in my shoes. It’s a really beautiful thing and I feel so blessed.”

As a collection that was put together by strong independent women & shoe lovers, the S&M Edition aims to push you out of your comfort zone. It calls on you to dare to bare in bright neons, animal prints, and daring silhouettes. Silva Lux & Moozlie are absolutely thrilled to welcome you into their world.

The S&M Edition by Silva Lux will be available at selected YDE stores meaning shoppers will be able to pick up their own pair at one of their favorite malls nationwide.


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