What Moziak and OkayAfrica have coined one of 2018’s most sensational songs in the country Nalingi has reached more than 1 million streams worldwide. Stream and download everyone’s favourite song here The #NalingiLove has been real on radio stations worldwide and Nalingi earned its number 1 spot on more than 10 stations including the YFM Bomb Chart, Madibaz Radio Hip Hop Chart, 5 Fm Pop Chart and BBC1Xtra’s Dna Top5 chart in UK


Watch the Nalingi music video and look out for new music form Manu Worldstar on March 1st. Make sure to follow the rising star and VthSeason for update

“I’ve received so much love with my single Nalingi, but I never imagined that in just 7 months my single has been streamed over a million times! It’s so surreal! Thank you to every radio station that supported my single and got the country singing along. And a huge thank you to my team, we’re going to do the most in 2019!” shares
Manu WorldStar.

“It’s incredible what Nalingi has achieved, apart from topping over a dozen charts, Nalingi video now has over 200,000 views, 80,000 Shazam hits and one million streams. Those are wild numbers!”
– Shingai, Punchline

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