With nearly nine months since his last official release, Lucasraps returns with a brand-new single titled uMuthi (Voodoo).

The kid who broke all the rules and became a leader of the new school, Lucasraps… is back on the radar with his highly anticipated song uMuthi,  which has his fans on their toes begging for more. The song premiered exclusively on “From the Block Performance” and received a great deal of attention from his core supporters.

uMuthi (Voodoo) is the result of Lucasraps channelling a story never heard before or even spoken about, it echoes trials, troubles & tribulations he went through in his spiritual journey, beliefs about himself and his peers in opposition to his enemies.

A well thought out theme which enables him to connect with his supporters on a personal journey that began shortly after the release of his debut album through a mixture of catchy vocals and nostalgic lyrics, uMuthi (Voodoo) is a causerie of his spiritual journey.

In this musical episode he begins his first verse by stating that he has the “Devil out the closet he’s a skeleton, b**** I’m known as the reaper the reverend” – displaying more depth into his story, he goes on to rap about this spiritual realm.

uMuthi (Voodoo) is a composition of melodic harmonies, afro rhythms and hard hitting 808s paired with signature kicks and hi hats put together by none other than his executive producer and in-house collaborator KindlyNxsh.

Words from Lucasraps:

“I believe that God has given me the gift of communicating clearly through music, spreading a message of hope & perseverance. In this song, I pray for everyone who is going through anything similar to what I have experienced. You will enjoy listening to it as much as I did after I made it, so I hope you will use it with all your heart.”


uMuthi (Voodoo) is one of Lucasraps’ songs on his upcoming full body of work jam-packed EP. this project will give you an understanding on why Lucasraps has been dubbed as the leader/promoter of the avant-garde in the new hip-hop scene as it is composed with diverse sounds, Stay tuned for Lucasraps’ upcoming EP.


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