Lorna Maseko is proud to announce that she has joined the ranks of Tanqueray’s global family. Being Lorna’s favorite drink and infusing it into her recipes, the alignment between her and the definitive gin are perfect for a glamorous partnership. 

Lorna will be seen by millions in Tanqueray’s upcoming campaign which will be shot in Seville, Spain. Tanqueray is the world’s definitive gin and is celebrated with at all occasions making it the world’s finest paired with Mzansi’s finest chef. Lorna’s fine palette is only worthy of the world’s best and Tanqueray is one of the brands that Lorna stands by and showcases at any opportunity. 

Lorna is ecstatic about the partnership with Tanqueray. “I’ve always loved Tanqueray and to be able to join the family is absolutely amazing. From going to Scotland and seeing how Tanqueray is distilled made me fall in love with the brand even more. The process is authentic and the craftsmanship is distinctive. I’m super stoked and looking forward to the journey.” says Lorna.  

Follow Lorna’s journey with Tanqueray on her Instagram and social media channels.

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