July 6, 2020, Johannesburg – KeepLoveYoung has something really cool and special coming up. The 2020 edition of REDBOX.
KeepLoveYoung & Urban Sessions collaborate to bring you a mini-concert curated by the Pop/RnB star. What is special about this particular show is the integration between two existing concepts coming together to be one platform to cater for not one artist but a line up of artists.  Urban Sessions mainly focuses on an intimate one artist show but this get-together is different & KLY & team saw it a good fit to merge his annual REDBOX concert with the live Urban Sessions. The idea came from the circumstance the world is currently in with the COVID-19 virus holding back the occurrence of what would have been a huge concert experience held at an awesome venue but with this show, there is no shortfall, as KLY is availing himself and his industry peers to the great platform that is Urban Sessions which allows the streaming of the experience.
“…with the times we’re in, comes adapting which means sparking brighter ideas that will either create anew or enhance on what already exists,” says KeepLoveYoung.
This REDBOX will feature one of the East’s hip hop kings – Priddy Ugly & Pretoria’s finest Maradona – Focalistic who will treat us to performances of their own and alongside KLY. The live & exclusive stream will take place this Thursday, 09 July on the Urban Sessions platform which will be available to you once you purchase a ticket to the show which will only cost you R60!

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