JOHANNESBURG – Award-winning vocalist, Holly Rey made a very special guest appearance on this week’s episode of Ultimate House Vibe unlocked by Castle Lite and Mzansi Magic.

Episode 2 saw the Deeper hitmaker become the first celebrity guest judge of the season when she surprised the remaining 11 contestants midway through their Scary Night In themed vibe.

Gontse became the first male contestant to be chosen as a host when the Wheel of Fate landed on him. His biggest fear became a reality when he had to go head-to-head with Bomba. And it seems his fear was justified.

Gontse hosted his house vibe for his friend who is social media sensation turned musician, Killer Kau. But his vibe wasn’t as entertaining as he thought with our judges feeling like it was awkward and the food was just bad.

Meanwhile, Bomba, whose real name is Isaaih had an extra cold house vibe which left the judges quite impressed. Seems like winning this week’s Unlocks Challenge did him a world of good.

Viewers also got to see the contestants begin to turn on each other as things intensify and the pressure mounts. A feud seems to be brewing between Mbali and Nthabi who just can’t seem to get along.

In the end, Gontse’s team lost and we saw Mbali join in him in the bottom two. Mbali surprised everyone when she became very emotional and broke down in an effort to fight for her spot in the mansion. She felt disappointed and let down by Gontse’s decision to drag her down with him. In the end though, the Ultimate House Vibe came to an end for Gontse.

Catch episode 3 of Ultimate House Vibe on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) next Thursday, 07 November at 21:30 with the repeats on Saturday at 22:00 on Mzansi Magic and on Monday at 19:00 on Channel O (DStv channel 320).


Gontse Makgoba is the second contestant to leave the Ultimate House Vibe mansion. He is a 21-year-old aspiring presenter and emcee from Protea North in Soweto.

He found season 2 to be a very exciting one, particularly because of the new additions to the show, such a pre-determined theme for both house vibes each week.

Gontse says that the vibe inside the mansion was a good one, with not too much drama and a whole lot of shade being thrown around.


He was hoping to walk away with the title of Ultimate House Vibe king because it would’ve meant that choosing entertainment over school was not a bad decision on his part. He was planning on using the prize money to help his mother build a new house. What makes the Ultimate House Vibe for Gontse is loud music. “If people are not dancing then there is not vibe,” he says.


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