Johannesburg, Gauteng – International brand influencer agency Bloc13 has officially opened its doors in Johannesburg, South Africa and has become home to the leading influencer agency and fashion holding house for brands such as Fasshionova, Oh Polly and PrettyLittleThing.

The company will further evolve into different segments of entertainment. From podcasting, to signing local rising stars including artists and media personalities under its management division which will further develop the entertainment industry. CEO Ashlea Edwards has understood the power of the various dynamics that influence the fashion and entertainment industry. With styling and buying trends constantly evolving, brands need to adapt and keep up or be left behind.

“I want to impact young South Africans in a way that counts and changes their lives, that’s the company mantra”, says Ashlea. “Creating Bloc13 has been one of my most proud achievements” he continues to add. “The power of social media cannot be ignored and is changing the way the adverts/commercials are now delivered. Smart TV’s, mobiles & tablets or computers we live in a world where technology controls everything. Has now taken over this space and has become one of the most powerful sales driving force in this ever-changing industry”.


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