Johannesburg, South Africa – Thursday, 23 September 2021 De Mthuda takes over the summer with his upcoming album, The Landlord.

Amapiano pioneer and Shesha Geza producer, De Mthuda has gone through many stylistic changes since he became a mainstream artist, but one thing has remained, his ability to continuously release hits.

After months of teasing new music De Mthuda has finally announced the release date of his 5th studio album titled, The Landlord and has made his social media potential summer hit, Jola featuring Sino Msolo.

To build up to the release of the album, De Mthuda will be releasing IG’s from the album that promises to be one of the most influential albums of the year

Pre-order/ pre save The Landlord here  Click here.

About Jola:

De Mthuda’s Jola is the runaway street hit which features Da Muziqal Chef on production. De Mthuda and Da Muziqal Chef have found their collaborative synergy.

This is as Da Muziqal Chef has made his signature the inclusion of disco elements in every song through the synthesized electric guitar riffs. De Mthuda then manages to strike the balance between creating a classic amapiano single reminiscent of deep house.

Vocally, Sino Msolo rides on the beat, with surprise moments of layered harmonies on the single during the catchy chorus. Lyrically, Msolo sings what would be word to explain why he is not flirting anymore as he affirms that he is in a loving relationship currently.

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