‘Pateh’ is a well knitted fabric or material that is so tough, it is is challenging to rip apart. This is how the creator of the P.O.M.M. mixtape describes this exciting project created as an offering to Hip hop lovers across South Africa by the lyrical and creative Lindokuhle Mcunu popularly known as ‘Da Pharo’. ‘PATEH’ is made up from putting together the first letter of every track on the tape. This is an indication of the creativity and intelligence found in the young rapper hailing all the way from the city of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal.

Da Pharo’s long awaited EP, P.O.M.M. which is ‘Piece Of My Mind’ as an acronym, is already receiving great support online after giving fans a teaser with the first single released from the project called ‘Thula Tu’ produced by talented Johannesburg based producer ‘Monexus’. The single gives us a glimpse of the ability to express great lyrical ability in a vibrant manner that can be enjoyed at home, in your car on the way home and the club, giving him an advantage in the South African Hip hop market and beyond.

This project is a fusion of fun, “turn up” and most importantly the intelligence in the lyrical expression of the personal obstacles he had to endure in the past 2 years of taking a leap of faith by relocating to Johannesburg and maneuvering into the industry.
P.O.M.M. gives a sense of nostalgia in the intro where he delivers a great freestyle that explores his journey as an artist and most importantly a human being, while flexing his lyrical skill as a formidable MC.

Da Pharo gives us a piece of his mind in this tape, exploring and expressing opinions and topics that most are too scared to say or too distracted to articulate. He touches audiences with his great energy that is found throughout the tape but mainly in the track titled ‘Energy X’ which he describes as his super ingredient, as every superhero. This mixtape is sure to captivate Hip hop lovers as he lyrically expresses his content that is sure to touch audiences of all ages and stimulate you mentally while you “Turn up”.

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