After a lengthy hiatus, Nigerian South African based Afro-pop musician, Mazzingar, breaks the silence with a double release to conclude the summer. The dual release accompanied by visuals, entails and is a contrast of the latest and hottest genres in the African music scene.

Controller” is the first audio rush that’s tag team in the trouble! The song embraces the South African born heatwave house sub-genre, Amapiano. “The Amapiano sound is going global and I decided to join in and embrace it.” – Mazzingar
Listen to “Controller” here

The song is a cupid inspired ode to a beauty. The story is well depicted in the visuals as we see Mazzingar make a bold confession to the beauty possessing his heart. An intimate obsession only understood by the heart while the head is over the heels.

Watch “Controller” official music video here

Watch “Ifeoma” official music video here

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Twitter – @Its_Mazzingar
Instagram – @OfficialMazzingar

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