Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday, 16 April 2021 – Boity returns to music with 018’s Finest visuals. Boity debuts her lead music video of the year with the release of the 018’s Finest music video, featuring Maglera Doe Boy and Ginger Trill.

Last year Boity dropped her long awaited EP, titled 4463 and one of the fan favourite singles from this offering was 018’s Finest. The song marked one of the very few songs that highlights the hip hop culture in Potchefstroom, whose area or zip code is 018, the visuals take lead from the song and continue to pay homage to the birthplace that gave us Boity and her featured guests.

he 018’s Finest music video goes live this evening at 18:00 on Youtube CAT click HERE to set reminder.

Premised on the return victory lap back home. The music video showcases the return of the superstar home, that left as just another girl with big dreams to make it in the city. Maglera Doe Boy in the music video gives the audience a glimpse of why they call him the abstract vernacular township poet whilst Ginger Trill comes in at the end of the music video to give Boity his blessings, since he was the first rapper from the 018 to make a name for himself in SA hip hop.

The music video is also a showcase of other places in South Africa that have an existing and thriving hip hop culture. The 018’s Finest music video was shot and directed by Nigel Veggies who was very intentional about taking us through this area code and showing us, the pride the people of Potch have for their own.

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