((Johannesburg, 12 March 2020)  – Amstel Lager continued its 150-year timeless journey, revealing its latest TV commercial in Maboneng, Johannesburg. 

Inspired by diverse South African cultures, the commercial is an expression of Amstel Lager’s core values of “Timeless Taste”, with a beer enjoyed in various social settings with friends.  

The AD opens on a rooftop bar with a group of friends jamming to Twistyle (ft. TK) House classic How Do You Feel. The commercial progresses into familiar South African social occasions, including a shisa nyama outing, bar night with the boys, a formal dinner, and an at home chill session. 

“Amstel is constantly on the pulse of South African culture, highlighting what brings friends together. Key to this is our local timeless music, and enjoying a quality beer. This insight is the catalyst for creating a commercial that speaks to a generation that enjoys good experiences together and creating long-lasting memories,” says Grant Lake, Amstel’s Brand Manager. 

Nkululo Masiba, Creative Director at VMLY&R tasked with producing the commercial adds: “The common thread throughout the TV commercial is a showcase of Amstel Lager igniting good times in different settings with good music. Through this creative piece of content, we celebrate consumers love for their beer and reinforce ‘The Timeless Taste Of Amstel Enjoyed Everywhere’ message.”  

The TVC was first launched at the Agog Gallery in Maboneng to media, television & sports personalities, as well as friends of Amstel. Hosted by Metro FM’s Audiogasm duo Naked DJ and Lulo Café, guests were transported to a timeless journey with a backdrop of a shisa nyama, an urban bar, a house party and a rooftop bar. The AD will be flighted on local TV stations and can be viewed on Amstel’s social media platforms.  

For more information follow @AmstelSA social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and Instagramusing    #TimelessBeer 

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