FakeAno celebrates African identity from a youthful perspective in his 2021 EP titled African Boy. The project embodies all the tenets that make Africa and Africa day special to Africans across the continent.
The project spans across five diverse songs written in FakeAno’s native language of Shona. The choice in features further pushes the cross-continental unity agenda by working with incredible young African talent from all over.


The EP features super producer and artist “Jillz” from Malawi, JiggyWorldWide from Angola on the standout song ‘Kokoto’, Sphum and Xavier Steeze from South Africa and producer Evoke who hails from FakeAno’s own mother country of Zimbabwe.


The soundtrack of this body of work provides the perfect way to celebrate a momentous day such as Africa day. It is filled to the brim with African pride, spirituality, identity and youthful exuberance. It is a statement that succinctly defines what it means to be African in 2021 from a millennial perspective and it serves to set a precedent on how future generations can too take pride in their own identity and celebrate it on their own terms going forward.


“I made African Boy in a moment of feeling true to myself, my roots and what I believe it means to be African without the stereotypes especially when it comes to music”


 It is an exploration of a narrative as defined by a young African person living it in real time. It is expressive in nature and powerful it’s messaging. It is an inkling into the kind of future the ancestors of this generation had long imagined and aspired towards.


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Anotidaishe Makunike, known as FakeAno, is a Zimbabwean born artist, raised in South Africa. FakeAno grew up in a family church where he gained most of musical interest and skill which has shaped him into the musician and writer that he is. His musical journey started when FakeAno and his friends started a band in high school and started creating music out of pure enjoyment. At the tender age of 14, FakeAno and Michael “Taku” Ngulube, recorded and released their first song called “Higher” which gained popularity within the AFM Church of South Africa and Zimbabwe.
The dynamic duo continued their musical journey performing all over South Africa, consisting of over 200 shows on big stages such as OppiKoppi, Vodacom Durban July, Back to the City (BTTC), Cotton Fest, AKAs Orchestra on the Square, Enter the Woods, and Bacardi Holiday Club. The movement gave birth to Blank Space Records, a label co-founded by FakeAno.
The formation of Blank Space Records paved the way for FakeAno to work with various superstars in the SA music industry such as Sho Madjozi, Lady Zamar, Tresor and Sha Sha just to name a few.

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