20 September 2018: On 8-9 September, over 6000 people flocked to the Walter Sisulu Square in Soweto to celebrate the second SASKO Soweto Kota Festival.  With russians, viennas, a fried egg, a beef patty, or even a battered fish on the menu, no matter your taste preference, the 45 kota vendors participating in the festival put on a show that ensured no one left hungry.


Lungie Mnyamana, SASKO Brand Manager, says: “We are all overjoyed at the success of the 2018 Soweto Kota Festival, it is such an honour for the SASKO brand to be part of such a vibrant event in the heart of Soweto. I am most proud that we could reinvest in over 40 small business again this year.  My highlight for the day was seeing different vendors winning the three prizes the brand sponsored. It’s great to see that new players had upped their game from last year and could sweep in and take the title of The Best Kotas.”


“Not just during Heritage month, but everyday, it is inspiring for us to see the collaborations that come from the networking between small local food outlets. In addition to this, it is important to see a diverse group of people, young and old, immerse so much of their talent into our local flavours.  There is something about food that truly brings us all together. South Africa is known for its Bread Culture – be it a gatsby, bunny chow or a Kota – it is a big part of all our lives and makes up our heritage.”


The kota is the epitome of South Africa and the trend for creativity amongst chefs and cooks continues to deliver new and unique recipes. On the Saturday at the Kota Festival, vendors put their most delicious creations forward for judging with the following three vendors taking home the titles of the best kotas this year. They will receive marketing support from SASKO to the value of R20 000, R15 000 and R10 000 respectively.

1st. Blue Sky

2nd.  Luma Monate

3rd.  Lamb and Mutton SA (NGO)


Over 1 500 SASKO Premium White Bread loaves were transformed into traditional and new-style kotas in celebration of kasi food. “The kota market is one of our key focus areas, and it is growing on a daily basis.  SASKO is acknowledging and applauding the vendors who ensure commuters and families are fed throughout the day as community eateries represent South African street food experience and this is why the kota deserves its day in the limelight,” concludes Mnyamana.


For more information, visit SASKO’s website, call the customer care on 0800 022000, follow the brand on Twitter or head to the SASKO’s Facebook page for regular updates:

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