DBN Gogo introduces Zikode Records with Stixx’s fire single Buya. The super DJ DBN Gogo announced herself as a businesswoman too with unleashing new and amazing talent under her record label. Stixx who is a super talent himself, the young DJ and producer releases his first official single to the world. This will have the masses asking for more. On buya which a an Amapiano hit song, he worked with a few artists who are no strangers to super stardom. The presence on this new song will get the streets running. This is a way for Stixx to be presented, we can only wait for more music already.

Although this is Stixx first official single, he is no stranger on working on Big projects. At a tender age he has worked on amazing projects before. He has produced for shows such as Big Brother South Africa and has also worked with notable artist such as Venom and Shishiliza on their album, getting himself on the production of 7 singles. DBN Gogo has now paved the way for artists such as Stixx to now have the ability to release music on their own. We can confirm that there will be more to come.

The slow temp amapiano beat sends chills down your spine as the different vocalist jump on. The song encompasses the variety and collaborative components of the genius that is Stixx. Buya promises to blow fans away whilst introducing them to a plethora of hits that are to come from Stixx.

About the song:

Stixx is a new artist under Zikode Records collaborates with DBN Gogo and various Amapiano artists on this smash hit. Buya is an amapiano single with a twist as it features the likes of Nanette who is known as an RNB artist. Buya is already hitting the streets and it will be a perfect fit Amapiano playlists.

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