Johannesburg, 12 May 2023: Mozambican hit group Yaba Buluku Boyz and Nigerian rapper Falz are out with a sunny visual for their recently released cracker of a party sound, “Madam De Madam.” Directed by The Alien, the video follows DJ Tarico, Nelson Tivane, Preck, and the Bahd Guy at the premises of a funky auto shop, where they shut down the venue Amapiano style.

Whenever the Yaba Buluku Boyz drop a song, you already know what to expect next: a breathtaking video! And their latest collaboration lives up to this standard, if not exceeds it. The contemporary visual is a delight to behold from the get-go; there is no looking away once your eyes fix on its colorful setting. The Alien’s dramatic shots instantly engross, with each scene reverberating the upbeat tempo of DJ Tarico’s superb production.

There’s some stunning choreography on display as well to keep things kinetic. But what steals the show is the finesse with which the humorous plot unfolds. It plays like a big-budget comedy movie with a catchy soundtrack, giving lovers of the party banger a good look at the song’s titular character, “Madam De Madam.” Viewers will love how Falz and the Boyz swagger on-screen to woo the lady boss. Will they succeed? Watch it to find out:  WATCH HERE 

“Madam De Madam” was released to music stores a week ago (May 5), a month after the trio’s magnificent display on the celebratory “The One (Chop Life)” with Nigerian hotshot Crayon. It’s another party anthem that blends the Amapiano-inflected vigor of the Boyz with the witty lines of Nigerian rapper Falz for the first time as fans ready themselves for the upcoming studio album from the marvels that brought us “Yaba Buluku.”

The video is a testament to the creativity of The Alien Visuals and Geobek Records – home to the Yaba Buluku Boyz, who did justice to what is poised to become another viral sensation on social media this summer. If you are in for the freshest music video out this month, you don’t want to miss “Madam De Madam.” It’s a remarkable work of art that will make you smile and dance along.

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About Yaba Buluku Boyz

Yaba Buluku Boyz is the award-winning Mozambican music group uniting Africa through blockbuster collaborations. It consists of DJ Tarico, Nelson Tivane, and Preck – the triplet Amapiano stars that brought you “Yaba Buluku.”

Within a few years, the group has achieved critical acclaim. It went from the unknown to becoming a serial hitmaker, collaborating with the likes of two-time Nigerian Grammy Award-Winner Burna Boy (“Yaba Buluku Remix”), Zimbabwe’s Jah Prayzah (“Wa Kula”), and other larger-than-life African artists along the way.

Yaba Buluku Boyz is now a household brand with millions of streams across all music platforms worldwide. It also boasts an enviable discography of hits, attracting over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

DJ Tarico

DJ Tarico (Born Tárico Caifaz Samuel Simbine) is the group’s producing brain and chief architect. His ability to synthesize syncopated rhythms that seize the listener’s body is uncanny. As one of the global faces of Amapiano, he is the de-facto leader of the Yaba Buluku Boyz, which is only fair, considering he brought the crew together in 2020 on his sophomore album “Moz Piano Vol. 2.”

Nelson Tivane

Nelson Tivane (Born Nelson Dinis Uqueio) is the second member of the group and its primary energizer. A singer like no other, his tuneful shrills make each Yaba Buluku Boyz release feel alive and explosive–a quality that guarantees his contributions always remain the freshest, catchiest, and most memorable. No matter what.


Preck (Born France Rofino Joaquim Vilanculos) completes the group as its second singer. Once encouraged to abandon his dreams, imagine the loss the culture would have suffered if he did. His hoarse, ear-splitting vocals make the difference, lending some much-needed distinction to tracks. The Inhambane native’s style comes from his love for Hip-Hop and some of its most iconic names: DMX, JaRule, and Jay-Z.

After their debut song, “Yaba Buluku,” caught the attention of over 50M TikTok users and became one of 2020’s seismic hits, the three consolidated their new-found power to become a more formidable Amapiano force. Hand-picked by Geobek as forerunners of his #GeobekStandard, the group and Burna Boy collaborated on the hyper-successful remix, and Yaba Buluku Boyz was official.

The Mozambican trio has since been a stalwart of this initiative, redefining what African music should be: blockbuster collaborations that unite its people under one cultural banner. It has achieved this in a string of back-to-back hits that have given the group a distinct identity. This appeal has won Yaba Buluku Boyz multiple awards thus far, next to performances at concerts of Burna Boy, 2RS (with Focalistic), and Phyno and Olamide.

With its reputation now absolute, Yaba Buluku Boyz is poised to unleash its first studio album as a collective. Watch out.

Geobek Records

Yaba Buluku Boyz is the flagship face and pride of Geobek Records, a pan-African-oriented independent record label headquartered in South Africa and Nigeria and owned by Nigerian talent manager George Beke, better known as Geobek. Its vision of empowering African artists through indelible collaborations continues to thrive, gaining traction across the continent under the #GeobekStandard.

The success story of DJ Tarico, Nelson Tivane, and Preck is still unfolding. And with a wealth of African superstars to collaborate from, Yaba Buluku Boyz is going nowhere fast.

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