Travis Scott cannot stop winning. From his blockbuster sneaker collaborations with Nike and Jordan, to his streetwear collaboration with McDonald’s to a virtual concert experience with Fortnite, he has been on a collaborative tear this entire year, and fans have taken notice. Our most recent Big Facts report shows the depth and breadth of his influence, finding that 95% of Travis Scott merch resells above retail; Travis collectibles boast an average price premium of 130%; and in the span of three years, the number of Travis Scott products on StockX has increased thirty-fold. Fans cannot get enough of Travis Scott. Yet even with this barrage of new partnerships and product lines, the most prominent tandem is still the one that started it all: Travis Scott Nike.

From the moment Cactus Jack and Nike logos graced a pair of Air Force 1s in 2017, Travis Scott’s influence in the sneaker industry has exploded. The Travis Scott Nike alliance is now a full-fledged powerhouse on the resale market. The reason? All hits. No misses (Yes! Even the 33!). In the business of sneakers, that is an impossible feat. Even Virgil Abloh reached a point where shoes like the Nike Waffle Racer Off-White didn’t have enough hype to sell out. But for Travis Scott, the impossible is made possible.

Earlier this year, we looked at the size and scale of Travis Scott sneaker resale over time. This time, we’ll go deeper into Travis’ catalog with Nike and Jordan Brand, and demonstrate which silhouettes have elevated him to the top of the game.

Travis Scott Nike By Silhouette

So far, Travis Scott has collaborated on eight different Nike and Jordan silhouettes, the most recent arriving as an uber-exclusive Nike Dunk Low SP. Each release has been successful in its own right. Even the not-so-hype Jordan 33 Travis Scott has the accolade of being the most expensive Jordan 33 in StockX history. Being the most expensive release in any silhouette category is impressive, but when you are able to claim a top rank in a lane that is heavily competitive, that’s when history is made.

To find out where Travis Scott sneaker collaborations rank among other releases in their respective silhouette, we took the average resale price of every release in every silhouette that Travis has collaborated on. To weed out PEs and releases that have sold in very small numbers, we filtered our results so that only releases with 4,000 StockX sales were eligible. After ranking each release by the highest all-time average resale price, we then identified the three most valuable releases for each silhouette.

The results are astounding. Among high-volume releases, Travis Scott Nikes and Jordans rank in the top three most expensive in every silhouette category they compete in. The following graphic shows the five biggest silhouette categories:


It shouldn’t be a surprise that Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott, a shoe that historically resells for just under $780, is the most expensive Jordan 1 Low of all time. There is a blatant factor that impacts its ranking – the Jordan 1 Low is rarely used in hyped collaborations. Besides the Jordan 1 Low Dior (a release that was disqualified from our rankings in this analysis as it doesn’t have over 4,000 sales), other collaborations on the Jordan 1 Low have resold at prices that are relatively low. There hasn’t been a  hype collaborator like Off-White or Union LA in the Jordan 1 Low category to compare the Travis Scott Jordan 1 Low to. With limited competition, the Jordan 1 Low Travis Scott outpaced its runner-up by more than $420 in average resale price. All of the other number one ranked releases outmatched their runner-up by only $190 on average.

In silhouette categories where Off-White had a release, Travis Scott Nikes had more competition. Thus, while the Jordan 1 High Travis Scott and Jordan 4 Travis Scott Cactus Jack are regarded as some of the most valuable Nikes, they ranked behind their Off-White counterparts in average resale price. Overall, Travis Scott Nikes ranked second or third in three of the five silhouettes that we analyzed where an Off-White Nike was ranked first.

That being said, Virgil’s catalog – while incredibly impressive – does include some misses. Travis’ resume is unparalleled in its consistency.

Travis Scott Releases Over Time

All-time measures of average resale prices are one way to look at how valued a sneaker is. But how it appreciates over time is another story. Here, we looked at Travis Scott Air Jordan Retros and Travis Scott Air Force 1s, and analyzed how their values fluctuated since release.

The bar chart above shows the one-year price changes for Travis Scott Air Force 1 and Jordan releases. To pinpoint the exact appreciation (or depreciation), we found the resale average for each Travis Scott collab in its first month on the market and compared them to resale averages one year after release. Releases that appreciated in value have their growth shown in blue; releases that depreciated in value are shown in red. This does not describe the changes in value over the year, but rather the net change reflected at the end of the year.

After thorough investigation, Air Force 1s were shown to be the fastest-appreciating Travis Scott silhouette – at least after one year. Travis AF1 releases climbed by over $240 on average in the year following their release. The Nike Air Force 1 Travis Scott Sail was the stand-out of the three, skyrocketing in value by over $520. The Air Force 1 Travis Scott AF100 also showed a significant price increase, rising in value by roughly $150. Surprisingly, the Air Force 1 Cactus Jack was the only Travis AF1 to not increase in price. Resale prices held steady at $590, neither increasing or decreasing in value.

Unlike the Travis AF1s, not all Travis Scott Jordan Retros have held their value. The Jordan 6 Travis Scott has actually dropped significantly in value in the year following its release. In October 2019, the Jordan 6 Travis Scott released and resold for $880 on average, which is impressive. The only Travis Scott Nike release to resell for higher in its release month was the Jordan 1 High Travis Scott. But as one year passed, the Jordan 6 tanked in value, and last month reported an average resale price just below $650.

While the resale trajectory of the Jordan 6 Travis Scott might seem bleak compared to other Travis Scott Jordans, there is still plenty to be optimistic about. It is still the third best-selling Jordan 6 in StockX history and the most expensive Jordan 6 release with over 1,000 sales on StockX.

No matter how you look at it, each Travis Scott Nike release has done something in the resale market that is noteworthy and impressive. We look forward to seeing if rumored upcoming releases like the Jordan 6 Travis Scott Yellow and AF1 Cacti hold true to this same high standard. And as Travis lends his collaborative voice to a new crop of silhouettes, we’ll get a chance to see how long his unbreakable hit-streak continues.


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