“We’re cracking the case” – Bheki Cele On AKA’s Murder Case. Pressure is mounting as AKA‘s fans and of course, his family seek justice for the slain rapper and his friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane. The two were gunned down in Durban outside the Wish restaurant embracing each other during their meeting.

The provision of CCTV footage outside the Wish restaurant which shows AKA and Tibz getting murdered has piled pressure on the police force to speed things up since the footage gave them a clue on who were the people behind the assassination.

As the public continues to call for #JusticeForAKA, Police Minister Bheki Cele has provided an update on the progress being made on the case. “Fortunately I get brief every day about this matter, it’s a matter that cant let to rest, unfortunately, we can’t be giving you blow-by-blow of what is happening. But the progress is absolutely there,” he said.

“Maybe things that I am not supposed to say. But one of them I can, we have collected many cellphones that we are working, download and all that kind of thing, trying to patch and knit things together. That is the last I received yesterday (Monday, 6 March 2023) at about 10 pm.” He added.

The Minister also said that he acknowledged that the investigations are taking too long and it’s not what the community expect but he assured the public that they are cracking the case. “We acknowledge it’s not with the speed that the community would’ve loved and the nation would’ve loved to see, but mark the space we’re cracking the case.”