The South African music industry was shaken by the devastating news of the shooting of one of its prominent figures, rapper AKA, on Friday, February 10th in Durban’s Florida Road.

According to the Durban police department, AKA was the only person targeted in the shooting incident. Eyewitnesses present at a nearby restaurant reported that the rapper was standing outside when the shooting took place.

The crime scene was swiftly secured by the police, who marked at least 5 spots where bullet casings were found, revealing the intensity of the shooting.

The police and medical personnel at the scene confirmed that two individuals, including AKA, had lost their lives in the incident. The Florida Road was closed off to the public as a result of the tragedy.

The shooting incident has sparked shock and grief throughout the music industry and beyond. A video of the aftermath of the shooting, which showed the presence of several police vehicles and an ambulance at the scene, quickly went viral.

The video also depicted the respectful wait for the South African Police Service mortuary vehicle to arrive, as the authorities worked to preserve the dignity of the deceased.

The loss of AKA has left a void in the South African music industry and has touched the hearts of fans and fellow musicians around the world.

Our thoughts and condolences are with the friends and family of the victims during this difficult time. As the investigation continues, we anticipate more information to come to light about this tragic event.


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