Click on the link above to watch the 10-minute clip of the making of the song “Give Me Fire” for The Collab, the second event of the MTN Bushfire 2021 Digital Series.

This behind-the-scenes footage showcases the making of the song “Give Me Fire,” offering a sneak peek into the creative process of The One Who Sings, from South Africa, Sands, from Eswatini, and the talented producer of the song, Sean Ou Tim, better known by his stage name, Mr Sakitumi!

A celebration of the triumph of the creative spirit in adversity, The Collab began when the MTN Bushfire team asked ourselves how we could create opportunities for artists to get together and create new stories in this time of limited mobility – opportunities to bring the fire they have been stoking for two years, since the onset of the Covid pandemic.

Informed by MTN Bushfire’s ‘Bring Your Fire’ mandate, the festival’s inspiring call to action for collective positive social change and environmental sustainability, we see collaborations as a way for artists to explore new creative directions and expand their visibility through cross-pollination of ideas and fan bases.

Don’t miss the upcoming MTN Bushfire 2021 Digital Festival on the 24th of September! Details will be communicated shortly.

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