Available now across all digital platforms – https://bit.ly/3eVU9bh
7 December 2020 –  Today, Cara Frew invites you to come a little closer and enjoy a sneak-peak into her exclusive birthday party for the music video of the Beats By Hand remix of her latest single “Waiting for Love”. Be taken on a journey, from the beach to the canals of Berlin and be a part of Cara Frew’s birthday celebration earlier this year. 

The music video was shot by Cara’s friend Mathieu Van Goethem and cut by Artistically’s DADA given as a tribute to those who bring love into her life and hope this song and music video brings some love into yours, especially at a time where we are so separated and distanced from those we love

The “Waiting for Love” (Beats By Hand Remix) music video can be watched here – https://youtu.be/82qXSmPKd0g and the single is NOW available across all digital platforms – https://bit.ly/3eVU9bh

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