Grammy-nominated Ghanaian dancehall and reggae superstar Stonebwoy has just dropped a larger-than-life music video for upcoming single INTO THE FUTURE off his billboard charting album 5th DIMENSION (April 28th).

As the fourth single from his latest full-length album, 5TH DIMENSION, the track is breaking new ground in social media spaces, amassing more than 250 000 organic creations on TikTok since its release in April. This and other recent successes for the artist have made this single release a no-brainer for record company Universal Music Group, who recently signed the artist for the continent via the label, Def Jam Africa, in partnership with Def Jam Recordings USA and 0207 Def Jam for the UK.

The INTO THE FUTURE video is anchored by a stellar track. The single was produced by German multi-platinum selling, Grammy-nominated collective Jugglerz – producers and DJ’s that have taken the dancehall genre to new heights in Europe.

Recorded in Berlin in the summer of 2022, the track is the perfect modern love song that combines a positive lyrical message of togetherness for the long-haul with all the right dancehall flavours. Like so much of the recent work being released by this African megastar, it is uplifting and energized with just the right amount of sex appeal to keep dancefloors alight around the globe.

Shot in Stonebwoy’s hometown of Accra by Ghanaian-born and long-time collaborator, JWillz, the video uses a love story to drive the narrative between a young couple from their school days until marriage. The exquisite styling and treatment lend a retro-cool look-and-feel to the sweet tale of wholesome love.

With fashion and styling on point, authentic African locations, beautiful landscapes, and our star driving it with an energized performance, the video is aesthetically driven from start to finish, making it one of Stonebwoy’s most stand-out offerings to date.

Connect with Stonebwoy:
Facebook: @stonebwoyburniton
Twitter: @stonebwoy
Instagram: @stonebwoy
TikTok: @stonebwoy
YouTube: @Stonebwoy

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