Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday, 29 October 2021 – Afropop duo, Soulphiatown, explores their versatility with single, Ngiyak’saba.

 Soulphiatown is on the road to success after their debut release of the year, Ngithanda Wena. The single, which has been a favourite for local music lovers across all digital streaming platforms, affirmed the Jozi Entertainment signees as voices to watch for the rest of the year. The musicians are the voices behind the radio charting single. Abupheli, featuring The Soil’s Ntsika.


This time around, the duo aims to showcase their versatility with the experimental single, Ngiyak’saba. The single falls in pocket with the musical style of Jozi Entertainment as it borrows influences from Maskandi while lacing the influence with contemporary sounds of house modernising the sound. Moreover, the single is the collaborative effort of all the popular musicians under the stable including Mthandazo Gatya, Comado and DJ Manzo. 


Soulphiatown release the single as they forge ahead in pursuit of their first platinum certified single.  The single will resonate with men and share some insight about men for women as the musicians vocalise their fears of dating women who only see them as how much they can provide financially. An age-old story which continues to sound different with every interaction.  


The single is available across all DSP. Click here.


About Ngiyak’saba:


Soulphiatown has anchored their sound as afropop with R&B influences. Ngiyak’saba offers an alternative to the expected sound by the duo. The single, thematically, tells the story of the men featured on the single speaking about falling for the wrong person. Lyrically, the song tells the stories of the vocalists dating women who loved money more than the people they were in a relationship with. The title of the single is derived from the isiZulu term meaning, “I’m afraid” you will be the end of my wealth.


Vocals layered on a string-led beat. The beat straddles between maskandi through the strings, to house music with the progressive hi-hats, along with hints of EMD through the synthesised reverb which makes surprise iterations throughout the duration of the single. 

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