Johannesburg, South Africa – Wednesday, 19 January 2021 – SKHANDAWORLD’S JUST BHEKI RELEASES MZALA MUSIC VIDEO. 

Just Bheki finished off 2021 on a high. First, he became the last official recruit of SKHANDAWORLD ahead of its partnership with UMG and the release of their stable album, Welcome To The Planet. Moreover, the multi-talented lyricist and vocalist affirmed his versatility with features on tracks including Sithandane and fellow stablemate, Ma-E’s Ain’t No Tomorrow with Khuli Chana.

Moreover, the Bameme hitmaker established his own identity on Welcome To The Planet with his solo hit single, Mzala. In an effort to continue the promotional push for the Maskandi bop with contemporary musical elements, Just Bheki releases the supporting visuals.

Directed by acclaimed music video director, Kuda Jemba, the music video borrows its narrative from the lyrical content of Mzala. The upbeat, catchy single details the story of a man who trusted his friend and wife. this , all the while working on providing for his love interest, interest only to find that the two people he trusted the most were betraying him.

The Mzala music video is packed with drama, comical moments and a cliffhanger as to what will happen next as it cuts to To Be Continued.

The music video is now available on YouTube. Click link to view.

About Mzala:

Just Bheki is part of the new wave of musicians who have incorporated maskandi-influences into their contemporary sounds. Mzala is the mid-tempo trippy single which encapsulates this movement to the tee, Starting with the string-led intro, which is subverted with the digitized instrumentation. Vocally, Just Bheki continues to showcase he clear but rasp low register. Thematically, the single tells the story of his beliefs that his love interest has lost interest in him after finding a new love interest. The single plays with the listener’s ear as the production is jovial, while the narrative is that of heartbreak.

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