“A record I didn’t want to put together but needed to with everything happening during this pandemic, i didn’t want to die with my music still inside me,” says rapper Shynin Armour of his new EP Pieces of Perfection. Released today, the album was created during lockdown between June and August. The songs where already there, some written and recorded before the world went into self-isolation and some compiled from projects released late 2019.

Pieces of Perfection is the first collection of new music that Shynin Armour has released since 2018’s widely celebrated Rugged Soweto Stories of Africa, an album that delivered a focused on hip-hop soul that rattles loudly in our present political moment, diving beneath the surface of social issues and judgements to explore the cause of many inequalities.

Shynin Armour confronts a host of themes with this project, knife-sharp lyricism backed by deep soul, slick funk and humorous trap. “Trouble” slices at escapism and the ability of self belief when everyone around lacks faith in becoming. There is flavour in a number of songs including the slow-burning “Uber .

Born Thabo Mokoena to a Zulu father and an Sotho mother, Shynin Armour grew up in Meadowlands, Soweto, bearing witness to stark inequality as the sights and sounds of Soweto,  surrounded him. Since then, he has used “his own experiences to reflect on the greater state of life, in all its beauty and flaws, he has performed in and around SA several times over, performed for Hip Hop 411 and Grind Mode Cypher USA, and his deep catalogue of albums and keeps growing yearly without fail.

Pieces of Perfection


Grind Mode

Urban Legend

Trouble – wt

Overkill Twist


Joint Pusher

The One I Need – wt #SCF x

Jalen Guloi

Uber – wt Neo Beats

#NisaAfrica x #teepeephuza

Ego Trap – wt Kea Keyz Glitch

Cocktail Music – wt Dynamic

Cest – le – temps (Its Time) – wt #Trinita

Look At You – wt Stan B Abuti Nice


Boxes – Rhymin Type

Jerome Phiri

Pieces of Perfection Credits

Songs Written by

Shynin Armour, Joint Pusher, O’Twist

Neo Beats, Nisa Africa, TeeTeephuza, Jalettua Nuune

Dynamic, Rhymin Type, Trinita & Glitch

 Produced by

Dynamic, Joint Pusher,

DJ Vish, Neo Beats, Trinita, Drula

Pieces of Perfection Now Available on:

Itunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/pieces-of-perfection/1534075781

Bandcamp https://shyninarmour1.bandcamp.com/

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