The South African music industry has seen a new wave in the Hip Hop industry. This immaculate wave has been beefed up by undeniably astounding collaborations from musicians who has played in a scene for a long time and new artists from in and around our African shores. These collaborations not only have opened up the industry they have also united our hip-hop artists scraping away the stain caused by misconceptions around this beautiful artistic genre.

The multi-talented Shelton Forbez is no stranger to collaborations, he is perfect paradigm of AFICAN UNITY throughout his career. Over the years he has featured a lot of artists on his singles including Thawainda from Zimbabwe on the banger “Butterfly”, Fame Lico was featured on the single “It’s a Go”.

Reflecting on 2019 Shelton Forbez mentioned that not only is he looking to end this year on a high, but he is going to carry the momentum through to the year to come. “Hip Hop has suffered a lot recently with the loss of our icons HHP & Pro Kid, we as the craftsman left to take forth the hip hop movement we need to unite. Hip Hop has come 360 accommodating other sounds including R&B that resonates in my music to dilute the masculinity of the genre furthermore I am grateful to our sisters in the game who are braving the struggles with us hence I chose Gigi Lamayne to partner with me in this smashing single to end the year”.

Gigi Lamayne is no stranger to the game, and she is one of the female artists in the country that have worked hard to master their craft. “Pull Up” is an exceptional single meant to gracefully give this year an end it deserves.

With the contribution of a new powerhouse in the scene KS Musique which is an advocate for collaborations as one of their core focus is to identify talent and create music that is without borders , it is a no brainer that Shelton Forbez is one of their first talent.

This collaboration is a special one from both artists, with Shelton this is another collaboration with a sister in the hip hop fraternity and with Gigi this will be the first time working with Shelton.

Pull Up is the way to end the year!!

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