Fashion lovers descended upon the Diamond Walk in Sandton, Johannesburg to partake in the 2nd day of AFI Fashion Week Joburg 2022.

There was something for everyone at AFI Fashion Week Joburg, with designers presenting men’s and women’s wear. The collections were varied, with some designers opting for more traditional African looks while others went for a more modern approach.

Seditsi Collection dominated the AFi Fashion Week with a ‘ Relatability Collection’ inspired by Ubungoma, a spiritual journey that Lesedi Baakwalanya – Founder and chairman of Seditsi Collection holds dear to his heart.

The Collection is made of solid whites which symbolises purity and print which embraces diversity. The Collection was presented with renowned SAMA Nominee musician Lady X serenading the models including Musician Gigi La Mayne as they walked the runaway.

Seditsi Collections’ “Relatability Collection” initially it was about appreciation of local fabric and fabric manufacturers for ensuring the sustainability of local fashion industry.

As a Disigner and a traditional healer Lesedi Baakwalanya draws inspiration from from his spiritual journey as some of the looks are inspired by Ubungoma.

Seditsi Collection went all out as they partnered with Rock x Co Shoes. Rock n Co recently partnered with Gigi La Mayne on shoes collection that Seditsi saw fit for the looks that they created for AFI Fashion Week Joburg. Also bringing to the stage Lady X to sing Live as the model walk the runaway was an added showstopper as they were presenting a ready to wear collection.

“ A lot of us have used aprons of different designs, and very simple plitted ones that are just wrap around the waist. In an effort to translate aprons into ubungoma, after initiation when you are about to journey home from intwaso we have those dresses which inspired our designs to convey what we’ve always been preaching as African Luxury.” Said Lesedi Baakwalanya

The choice of Print has core elements of traditional value to Seditsi Collection as A Fashion Brand. Most of the time the prints you find on Seditsi Collection’s are on pure cotton. This time Lesedi said he want to create from brocade. “ Even though brocade is expensive, I want you to feel it, experience the luxury and be fulfilled in your spiritual life.” Add Lesedi

Speaking about Spirituality Lesedi said – Normally we would say we are translating spirituality through fabrics. Don’t think of spirituality in terms of religion or ubungoma. Look at it as you “a human being” going through a journey as you go through Life. That is your spiritual journey and that is why we pride ourselves in saying we are not targeting a certain market. For us is to say, if you can relate to it then it is for you. Relatability!!

AFI Fashion Week Joburg was not only about the clothes on show, but also about the experience. Overall, it was an incredible display of Pan-African fashion talent. “ As a designer, I wanted to bring something unique to the table, and the overall result was a truly stylish extravaganza” concludes Lesedi

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