Johannesburg, South Africa – Friday, 25 June 2021 – Sauti Sol celebrates Midnight Train’s anniversary with Rhumba Japani music video.   

 SAMA nominated group, Sauti Sol has released the music video for their current lead single Rhumba Japani, featuring Bensoul, Xenia, Nviiri The Storyteller, Okello Max and NHP. The music video’s release comes off the back of the group celebrating the one-year anniversary since the release of their fourth studio album Midnight Train.

 Rhumba meaning dance, the group and enlisted features embody the jovial experience through the visuals of the music video. Rhumba Japani; is a celebratory, trap inspired single with jazzy live instrumentation.

 The visuals for the music video lend itself from the sonic experience of the single.  This is as Sauti Sol takes fans on a pop art experience with the jovial and celebratory music video.     

 Overall, the leading Kenyan quartet has had a lot to celebrate in the New Year. Besides the release of their Rhumba Japan music video the group are the ambassadors of the newly launched Infinix Note Pro10, faces and partners of the Pace Sol wireless pods and the stars of the newly launched television show, Sol Family. This as they still call the shots as founders of Sol Generation.

 The music video is available on YouTube. Click here.

 About Rhumba Japani:

 “There’s a Congolose band called Rhumba Japan. We used to go watch them play at a pub in Nairobi after our practice to avoid rush hour bus fare because that’s when it was affordable to go home. The jam is an ode to them and the significance of those times in our journey.”  explains Sauti Sol

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