June 23, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) Opening up yet again, King Iso unveils a heartfelt and hypnotic new single entitled “My Kids” today via Strange Music.

Listen to it HERE.

On the track, a guitar loop threads through an airy beat as Iso reflects on what matters the most in his life—his children. He vividly recounts conversations with Tech N9ne and X-Raided as well as memories on the road. Meanwhile, he makes a promise on the undeniable and unshakable refrain, “But I will never let up every day I gotta get up and I do it for my kids.” His impressive signature triplet flow bursts straight from the heart on this one.

It lands in the wake of “Step Daddy.” The latter has already generated 88.5K Spotify streams and 81K YouTube views on the music video. It continues to gain steam though buoyed by fan enthusiasm, reaction videos, and excitement.

When asked about this latest single, Iso had some more uplifting and encouraging words, saying: “With the song ‘My Kids’ I feel like if you are a parent and going through a tough time, or just lacking the motivation to keep going, you can always find inspiration in your children. ‘My Kids’ literally keep me going and striving to be a better me each day.”

Stay tuned for more music from King Iso this year!

Meanwhile, his epic 2022 full-length Get Well Soon has amassed nearly 10 million streams and counting in addition to receiving looks from HipHopDX and Underground Hip Hop Blog who raved, “it’s safe to say that Iso’s output ever since signing to Strange has been the best of his career thus far and Get Well Soon wound up being a fantastic follow-up to World War Me.” Not to mention, Rock The Bells professed, “King Iso’s mission is to be a beacon of light to those going through their darkest times. His latest album, Get Well Soon, is just that.” Additionally, he packed houses on his first major headlining tour—the “Get Well Soon Tour.”


King Iso joined forces with Tech N9ne, Joey Cool, and the legendary Dwayne Johnson for the biggest independent rap song of 2021, “Face Off.” Its success would be downright unprecedented, birthing a TikTok challenge and amassing 13 billion views! It shows no signs of stopping or slowing down either. The track has crushed 168 million Spotify streams so far with 73 million views on the blockbuster music video. The track saw him mentioned by everyone from Variety to Entertainment Weekly.

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