The South African Soulful Amapiano Singers latest single titled “ISDIMA” (which means Dignity in Isizulu) is a beautiful and powerful ballad that is bound to get fans singing along with its catchy sound and deep meaning. This also gives us a chance to hear Raspy’s sultry vocals on a song that fans can dance to.

“ISDIMA” comes from a common question that women ask themselves when they feel like their dignity is in question because of something a man does to them or doesn’t do for them, “What about my dignity?” (Isdima Sami Sona!).

“Have you ever been in a situation where you had to lower some of your standards for a man because of your love for him? A lot of women have and when it happens the only thing you can think to say is What about ISDIMA SAMI” says Raspy.

The songstress goes on to say, “This song comes from a situation that transpired between my ex and I when I felt like I repeatedly stood by him when he never kept his word. So, I would often ask myself after every tiring conversation iSdima Sami Sona? Coincidently around this time last year a South African Influencer, Mihlali Ndamase went to Twitter to tweet about Isdima and that gave me direction in my creative process of making the song.”


About Raspy:

Raspy has been working in the South African music industry since the age of 18. She says her experiences with love and hurt in relationships inspire her to write and sing. All genres of music inspire her, and she loves artists who can be open and honest about how they feel in the ways that they compose music. She describes her voice and style as soulful, with a touch of Afro-pop. When she is not busy in the studio recording and writing new music, she is busy working on her other hobbies and interests such as scriptwriting and directing. She is featured on a lot of projects that are still yet to come.







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