Yo Kwame and SimmySimmyNya to remind us that “life is a blessing” in their new SA Drill banger, ‘Nywe Nywe’

Johannesburg South DJ and Producer Yo Kwame unleashes his first single for 2021, enlisting the talents of the Pietermaritzburg born rapper, SimmySimmyNya to deliver a banger of a drill track entitled, “Nywe Nywe” available on all streaming platforms. ‘Nywe Nywe’ is a song about overcoming the trials & tribulations of life – more specifically 2020; it’s about having a warrior’s spirit and always fighting your way back to your own happiness.

‘Nywe Nywe’ cover art by Kwame Sibeko.

The first verse paints a vivid picture of the social ills prevalent in SA – from gender based violence to police brutality and the effects COVID Lockdown has had. SimmySimmyNya encourages the listener to take a look through a different lens – one of appreciation of the good and the bad – reminding us that life in and of itself is a blessing. I ain’t with the nywe nywe is a declaration – ignoring the background noise, naysayers and negative energy and reclaiming your power. The second verse reveals a more confident person, one who realises their own potential and abilities and flaunting them. The verse ends with the rapper showing gratitude to his mother and grandmother for their prayers, understanding that they might be the only thing keeping him alive in this chaotic world, which reiterates that lens switch.

When speaking on the collaboration, producer Yo Kwame says: “We were working on music together, but because of the hard lockdown, we were sending music and songs back and forth to each other over Whatsapp. I wrote the music to the song while going through some changes of my own and it was crazy because I don’t think Simmy knew it at the time but, the lyrics really did echo my life situation at the moment”  

“Nywe Nywe is the first of a stream of collaborations I’m planning on releasing this year. Myself, along with everyone I’m working with – had pure fun while exploring all these different genres and trying to stretch the lines between. I’m so happy to present all this new work, and I know people are going to enjoy hearing and seeing it as much as we enjoyed making it” Yo Kwame adds. 

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