Friday, 26 November 2021 – Today, young and ambitious hip-hop artist MASH P releases his debut single “Young Superstars” at the ripe age of 12 to channel all the challenges of being a pre-teen and young artist in this day and age while being a boarder in school.

MASH P (Real name Morepiwa Moshe Mashashane) and his family are not taking this path in the music industry as an artist lightly. With the investment of MASH P’s talent and the necessary resources, they have launched an entertainment business called SHASHI ENTERTAINMENT, the production company behind MASH P and more artists to come that are set to be signed to the organisation. They have searched far and wide for the best team in the country. Famous music video director Kyle White is along for the ride, producing a music video for MASH P to compliment this hip-hop track written by the 12-year-old P himself. “Young Superstars” was produced and recorded by MASH P’s uncle and mentor DJ Shashi T.

“Young Superstars” is an aspirational song about the lifestyle of someone living their best life, having fun and being full of energy, despite life’s challenges. The characters in the song may come from challenging backgrounds or difficult family stories, yet their positive attitude and outlook remain and they still strive to live happily. The music video highlights these ambitious lyrics and the meaning of the song.

MASH P’s inspirations for this hip-hop banger “Young Superstars”, include successful young rappers including Polo G and Nle Choppa. Young artists releasing music are big inspirations to MASH P as a young artist himself. These artists have inspired and provoked music ideas and ultimately unlocked his very own talent.

MASH P already has a catalogue of songs he has produced and recorded. Ahead of the release of all the songs he has in store for us, and perhaps an entire album, MASH P felt that “Young Superstars” was the perfect debut single as it is his most exciting and energetic song.

Most people aren’t fortunate enough to know what they would love to pursue as a vocation this young in life however MASH P has big dreams and loves his music. With this, he has chosen to pursue music because over and above his green belt in karate, doing robotics at school and being enrolled for a Young Entrepreneurship Programme, music is one of the things he loves most to do. No dream is too big for this young superstar on his road to the top and he does not plan to keep it all to himself. He shares his biggest goal in life: “To go as far as I can, maybe start my own music company and help other artists become bigger.”

MASH P’s father and Dad-ager (Dad/Manager) Meshack shares with us his reasoning for investing in his son’s talent and dreams; “He loves what he is doing, I am a parent who believes in talent and intellectual capacity of every child and believes that every talent needs to be natured and given the opportunity to blossom.”

His father elaborates on the journey so far for himself and MASH P: ” Travel, networking and learning the ropes of the industry. The journey has been quite refreshing, it is like breaking new ground. It has given me new hope, has shown me that nothing is impossible in life, MASH P is a true testimony that children are born with different skills and talents. It is very exciting to see him pursue his music career.”

This is just the beginning for MASH P. His sound will develop and evolve as he will artistically. As a debut artist, his sound is very refreshing, new and energetic. To download or stream “Young Superstars”: or to watch the music video for
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