The South African singing sensation Tarryn Lamb’s latest single titled, Hoor Jy My, is a powerful ballad in which fans will again be able to enjoy her formidable voice while being swept away with the deeper meaning behind the song. Hoor Jy My was written by musician and songwriter Frank Freeman. The song arose from a question – how does a moment compare to the context that time gives us?

“The song describes how that what you sometimes feel in a moment is not what you think it is, but that despite that you can only live in the moment,” explained Frank.

Tarryn chose the song because it reminds her of how it is for our people who have had to go through so many life changes and personal, difficult times in the past few years.

“Sometimes one feels so alone in one’s stumbling, because we all know and understand that every person just tries to make the best of life, to stand strong and only wants to make the best of everything and have the best for everyone who we love and care more for everyone,” says Tarryn.

“I think the scariest feeling is when we accept something where we feel like no one can hear or understand us. Maybe sometimes it’s the masks we all wear to show our loved ones or the world we’re okay.” Hoor Jy My speaks to Tarryn’s heart and she believes it will also speak to listeners’ hearts. “Every time I sing the song, I feel a great discharge of something that was very heavy for me, something that I didn’t even know I was carrying.”

The music video for Hoor Jy My is still in the planning phase. The singer sees the video as a challenge, as she wants it to play out like a film to tell the story of the song. Tarryn singles out her recent show with the iconic artist Amanda Strydom as a major highlight in her career.

She stood on stage with Amanda and a host of other big names in the industry during the recent Suidoosterfees.”It was a full-circle moment for me, because when I was in Grade 10, my high school teacher took me to my first live performance and it was Amanda Strydom’s one woman show, State of the Heart.

I was blown away by her way of storytelling through her music.”Tarryn and Frank are currently developing the theatre production, Busrit in die Aand, which will be seen in small theatres and at festivals. “I’m looking forward to this production because I get the opportunity to play more guitar and tell stories in an intimate location.”


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