On Saturday, 5 December 2020 South Africa honoured it’s loved one PJ Powers, also known as Thandeka, and celebrated all the legends of traditional music in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga at the 15th Annual South African Traditional Music Awards.  
PJ Powers graciously accepted her SATMA Award for Best Traditional Female Legend Award alongside the greats of Traditional South African music, with whom PJ Powers has been privileged enough to be recognised.
Dressed in Mali South Clothing, PJ Powers represented the colourful nation we are so blessed and proud to be from, and in her speech expressed her gratitude for being chosen by the nation for all these years.
PJ Powers also presented 3 awards with <INSERT NAME> to more legends in the industry, including Master KG for his great release which received incredible global success during the pandemic for “Jerusalema”.

It was an overwhelmingly beautiful evening, filled with pride and unity as all the different traditions of our nation came together to celebrate each other, the music and talent this country produces. A joyful occasion after a year of such hardship and separation for all. The SATMA Awards celebrated 15 years of coming together & celebrating our diverse cultures. “My Culture, Your Culture, One Nation”.

PJ Powers expresses; “What a fabulous evening at the SATMA Awards! I am so honoured to receive the SATMA Best Traditional Female Legend Award and it feels so good to connect again with all the legends I’ve had the privilege of walking alongside, on this journey in SA music. Thank you SATMA Awards for choosing me for this incredible achievement. Thank you, South Africa, for loving me, unconditionally.” 
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