Loke Loke by Oluwa Kuwait and Teni Entertainer has been making waves this past week on social media.

Coming off of Oluwa Kuwait debut album ‘Oluwa Dinar’.

The Cape Town based Nigerian star has been making been making his mark since last year with the release of the hit song Pito featuring superstar musician and producer Blaq Jerzee.

Oluwa Kuwait is a producer, song writer, a record label executive to his own label Dvpper Music

The Official video for Loke Loke was released this past Friday.

Oluwa is also well known for his dance moves and choreography

The video features beautiful scenes of the ocean and scenery of Cape Town in South Africa

Loke Loke sung by the ever so talented Ten entertainer speaks about a very special night where it is all about you and me for life   The Famous ‘Meet me for the other room

On that special night it’s all about speaking praises to your body and how it will be impossible to walk out on you

Oluwa Kuwait never falls short of featuring the best and most talented individuals

We look forward to what more Oluwa has instore for us this year.


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