21 May, Johannesburg – ‘up all night’ sees Moonga K. and Mikhaela Faye team up for the first time, on an R&B track that looks at lovers trying to understand each other in their worst moments.


Too often we try and save those we love from experiencing pain and in the process we disallow the emotional unravelling that needs to take place in order for healing to ensue. This unravelling is messy, unpredictable and doesn’t require pragmatic solutions or advice. What it really requires is patience, unconditional love and a shoulder to cry on.


Moonga K. has been on a winning streak, in March he released an award-winning music video for his single ‘who’s it gonna be?” featuring PHFat and directed by Paul Ward, and last month he released his single ‘where do i go?” to high acclaim.


Cape Town based singer-songwriter and producer Mikhaela Faye has been seeing her own success recently, with her latest single ‘Love On Repeat’, released last month, debuting at #30 on the KFM Top 40 chart on the 1st of May and climbing up to #23 on the 15th.


This newcomer R&B duo we’ve all been waiting for! Listen to ‘up all night’ now available across all major streaming platforms.


The ‘up all night’ press portal is here.

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